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Colored Mops

Colored Mops: These are constructed with colored blend yarns which will improve absorbency and durability while reducing the break-in period required by cotton blend yarn.

Microfiber Wet Mops - Looped End Style

These are engineered for lint-free wet mopping and are very absorbent, possibly the best wet mop ever produced for commercial cleaning applications.

Dust Mop

Dust Mop: These are industrial laundry grade & designed with superior performance and durability properties. As low as $4.28 per Dust Mop delivered.

Industrial Microfiber Closed Loop Dust Mop

These microfiber dust mops are some of the most durable energy efficient dust mop products you will ever find. Constructed with microfiber yarn that contains loops which are twisted closed for maximum dirt and dust pick up and retention along with more durability.

Microfiber Cloths - 16"x16" 300gsm

Microfiber Cloths are more efficient and durable than traditional cleaning cloths as well as providing bacteria resistance and lower processing costs. These microfiber cleaning towels provide the best qualities for dusting and general use cleaning.

Microfiber Mop Handles & Microfiber Mop Frames

This includes all hardware associated with Microfiber Mop Pads: Telescopic Mop Handles, Microfiber Mop Frames - Channel Style, Microfiber Mop Frames - Flat Style and Microfiber Mop Recharging Buckets.