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Our Microfiber Maid Cleaning Kit contains everything you need to effectively and efficiently clean a home or office. All of the items included in this kit are industrial quality and sold primarily to commercial cleaning companies. Buying by the kit reduces your total cost for these professional products. Our Microfiber Maid Cleaning Kit includes the following items:

This kit includes the following:
1 - MHDL72 -72" Aluminum Microfiber Extension Handle
1 - MFRM18 -16" Aluminum Microfiber Hook and Loop Mop Frame
2 - MFP18B -18" Standard Microfiber Wet/Dry Cleaning Pads
2 - MCPB18 -18" Microfiber Cut-Pile Wet/Dry Cleaning Pad
1 - MFR18BF -18" Microfiber Dust Mop Pad
1 - MHDS20 -20" Microfiber Hi-Duster Sleeve
1 - MHDW29 -29" Microfiber Flexible Wand
1 - MDM11Y -Yellow Microfiber Cleaning Mitt
1 - MDM11G -Green Microfiber Cleaning Mitt
12 - MFT16G -16"x16" Microfiber Green Cleaning Cloths
12 - MGL16P -16"x16" Microfiber Pink Glass Cleaning Cloths
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