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Wet Mop Hardware

Mop Buckets

Mop Buckets: These are constructed polyethylene for maximum strength and long life. Each Bucket & Side Press Wringer combo has 3" non-marking casters.

Wet Floor Signs

Wet Floor Signs: These bright yellow plastic standard A-Frame collapsing wet floor signs are imprinted on both sides. They make great safety tools with liability concerns always being so important. This sign is light weight and great for easy storage.

Janitor Carts

Janitor Carts: Our standard 3 shelf design which includes hooks and holders for all of your cleaning equipment. The bottom shelf area is large enough for Bucket & Wringers and includes non-marking wheels. 25 gallon vinyl trash bag securely mounts to the frame and is easy to change.

Laundry Nets

Laundry Nets: These are produced from strong Nylon mesh fabric and will reduce abrasion to products being laundered. They make a great collection bag for soiled items.

Wet Mop Handles

Wet Mop Handles: We offer carry a wide selection of wet mop handle styles. We also carry most of these wet mop handle styles in Wood, Fiberglass & Blue Metal.